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Woosh Double

The Perfectly Portable Double Stroller

Meet the new perfectly portable Woosh Double stroller. Building on the Cosatto favourite Woosh stroller, Woosh Double is a serious upgrade if you need all of the craft and cleverness of Woosh for, not one, but two littl'uns. 


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Woosh Double

Meet the Cosatto Woosh Double

  • Birth to 15kg (per seat)
  • Sleek and sporty
  • Makes life easy
  • Weather proof
  • Fire their imagination

Available from £299.95

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Pattern in the hood

Woosh Double2

Woosh Double is crafted with hidden extras and Cosatto’s famous storytelling patterns that kids love. In tests, 8 out of 10 kids chose Cosatto for a reason and the new Woosh stroller will really fire their imagination.

Handy compact fold

Woosh Double3

Woosh Double has a compact fold size allowing for easy transportation. With a roomy seat and basket, adjustable calf support for little legs and an all new viewing window, life's a breeze.

Any-weather hero

Woosh Double4

Full of luxury tech fabrics to combat all weather conditions, Woosh Double comes with the original Cosatto raincover, a UPF100+ hood and double-length sun visor to protect against the sun’s rays.


Fire Their Imagination

Kids tell it like it is – and they told us. Loud and clear. We did a test. 8 out of 10 kids chose Cosatto. So what are you waiting for? The kids have spoken. Take their lead.
Choose happy. Choose Cosatto.

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