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Car Seat Fit Checker

Make sure you're road trip ready

We've created this handy fit checker to help you see which Cosatto car seats will fit in your car. It's super important to choose the right car seat for your vehicle and child, as a badly fitting car seat can compromise the safety of the seat.


Just follow the three simple steps below to find the best seat for you:

Ta da! this seat fits your car...

Click each seat for more info

installation possible/warning

Click each seat for more info


installation not possible

Check it out before Check Out

Although every effort has been made to ensure this info is up to date, they keep inventing new cars. They also alter existing ones on the market. We say do it for real. Try it in your car in real life before you buy. We have given the best advice to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting. You are in charge of your car. Be sure to check the fitting instructions carefully. Sensible stuff.